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Little yellow schoolhouse Isla Mujeres


The staff consists of Paula Salas de Sulub, our volunteer Director, Angelica Assistant Director, Psychology and Language Therapist two licensed teachers, Claudia, Rosy; Paulani assistant teacher,  each receive a modest salary for the hours they spend with the children.

The student population consists of: One group of children does not attend public school due to special needs such as FAS, Down syndrome, Autism, etc. These students attend approximately 14 hours per week and their age ranges from 4 to 17.

The next group we call “schoolchildren”. They attend public school – but have special needs due to learning disabilities such as ADHD/ADD, dyslexia, speech impediments, etc.
These children are between 5 to 14; the majority are in primary school and they come to us about 6 hours per week.

Another group, are pre-school children with special physical and/or physiological needs, including paralysis and Down syndrome – they attend 3 hours per week.

About 85% of these students come from homes of alcoholic and abusive parents. We offer group therapy sessions for parents of these children to help them better understand the needs of their families.


Everyone deserves a childhood… even if they appear to be different.

We are dedicated to the care of challenged children and adolescents.

We do not pursue any religious or political agendas; we are a non-profit organization.

Our primary goal is to provide challenged children with the skills that will enable them to achieve their greatest potential. We offer the children a safe place to learn, in an environment where they are always accepted and loved. We provide therapy to the families of the children so that they can better cope with their child’s special needs.

The Little Yellow Schoolhouse also known in Mexico as Amor a la Ninez, AC is the only learning center on Isla Mujeres for special needs children.

Without LYSH they would have NO CHANCE in life. Many would never know blue from red, the letter A from B, or how to color, paste or cut. LYSH fills the educational and emotional void for these children and their families.

Over the last few years LYSH has grown from a one room school house, we now have four classrooms and two consulting rooms, a TV, a DVD player, a small sound system and a basic kitchen. We teach all the children cooking skills and kitchen safety, which gives the students confidence and independence. These skills can be applied for future work. We involve them in many activities as a group to improve/increase sociability (rules, patience, respect and attention).

We also have an outdoor playing area designed by a visiting Psychologist for development of the children’s gross motor skills, a multi use sports court and a beautiful mural on the side wall. The property is now fully fenced the school to keep the children safe.

Each child’s therapy is individualized to cover psychological, speech, physical and gross motor skills. These customized therapies are based on several evaluations and meetings with each child’s therapist and teachers to determine the child’s needs.

We provide individual and group therapy to each child and their family. Dysfunctional families receive psychological help.

Children’s admission is free.
The Little Yellow School House is supported entirely by donations. 


If you would like to get involved with the Little Yellow School House by hosting an event for the school, joining our Internship program or even donating a morning of your vacation time to helping us with school maintenance, please contact Angelica Arguelles (Angie) lysh98@hotmail.com


If you are experienced in any of the following and can speak Spanish:

Special Education
Speech Therapy
Child Psychology
Family Psychology
Music Therapy

Please contact Angie about our Internship Program.



What do we need? First and foremost, monetary donations. With additional funding we can make a much bigger difference in the lives of these children and our community. We can increase the resources to treat these children and we will be able to operate a full school schedule – not just a few hours a day.

We also are hoping for:
A Binding Machine & a Laminator (both can be found at Costco and at Sam’s Club in Cancun)

Laptop computador
Sealer for our beautiful mural to protect it from the elements.
Basketball Hoop for our playground (adjustable would be best)
White paint for maintenance
Chairs for childrens for 7 to 15 years old.
organizers with lock
Paper for print.
Ink Brother LC75 or LC71

Ipad itunes card.

Invisible Tape

Didactic hard plastic toys. playskool.
Vinilica paint colors.
Thanks to everyone who has donated school and craft supplies over the years. At the moment we have more then enough. When we begin to run short, we’ll let you know!

On behalf of The Little Yellow School House, the faculty, the student body, the volunteers that support us and the community of Isla Mujeres, we thank you.

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